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Avda. del Carmen
Puerto Deportivo
Estepona 29680 Málaga

Latitude: 36º 24,9' N
Longitude: 005º 09,5' W
Radio frequency: 09 VHF

Tel.: 952 800 954
Fax: 952 801 474


Mooring: 447 berth

Max length: 35m.

Max draught: 3,5m.

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The Yatch Club > The Story of the Club
The establishment of the Yatch Club of Estepona

In the middle of last century, progressing the year 1957, several friends of the city of Estepona, fans more to hunting than fishing, used to meet in the Miramar Bar, better known as "Cabito", because its owner was Antonio Cabo . Once, one of them, Manuel Garcia Calama, Lieutenant and probably Marina Helper (Commander of the Estepona Marina Military Command), spoke and proposed the idea of ​establishing a yacht club that met nautical needs of the time, which, at that time, was covered only for recently discovered sport fishing.

In September that year, an Organizing Committee became consisting of four members. Lieutenant D. Manuel Garcia Calama was appointed Chairman. D. Antonio Borges Velez-Bracho, city veterinarian, also was part of the Commission. This Organising Committee established the Sports entity called "CLUB NÁUTICO DE ESTEPONA ", which was registered in the Registro Provincial de Asociaciones de este Gobierno Civil in October, 2, 1957 with the serial number 3.204.

The first Board is established on November 29, 1957, and its first charter is approved. It took nine years to lay the cornerstone of the current clubhouse. At this time the head office was moving for various locations.

Laying the cornerstone

The laying of the cornerstone of the Club was performed on Sunday May 8, 1966 at 19:00 pm. The ceremony, led by the Chairman of the Club, D. Antonio Borges, was attended, among others, the following authorities: Minister of Public Works, D. Federico Silva Muñoz, Minister of Information and Tourism, D. Manuel Fraga Iribarne, Minister Secretary General of the Movement, D. José Solís Ruiz.

Audience with the Head of State

On the morning of Thursday, June 27, 1968, the Head of State, General Franco, received in audience, at the Palace of El Pardo, the members of the Board of the Club, whose chairman, D. Antonio Borges, thanked him for having accepted, as of June 7, the Honorary Presidency of the Club and, also, gave him a commemorative plaque.
The Club delegation was headed by Don Juan Antonio Samaranch, national delegate of Physical Education and Sports, and accompanied by Minister Don José Solís, Don Ramón Castilla Perez, Málaga Civil Governor and the Mayor of the city, Don Ángel Farinós Zurbano. The club representation was comprised of:

Chairman: D.Antonio Borges Vélez-Bracho Veterinary
Vice-chairman: D.Alfredo Mau de la Fuente Industrialist
Clerk: D.Juan Ureña Urquiza Owner
Vice-clerk: D.Manuel Juliá Ruiz Municipal official
Treasurer: D.Alejo Martín Rodríguez BEC auditor
Accountant: D.Francisco Jiménez Haro Marines Commander
Board member 3º: D.Luis Lima Lobato Industrialist
Board member 4º: D.Manuel Medina Duarte Manager travel agency Torremolinos
Sailing Captain : D.Antonio García Jerez M.D.
Motorboat Captain : D.Diego Jiménez Mina Owner
Fishing Captain : D.Eduardo Aragón Fernández M.D.
Founding Partner : D.Rafael Pérez Gómez Owner
Founding Partner : D.José Menéndez Simón Municipality clerk
Honorary Partner : D.Juan de la Rosa Mateos Caja de Ahorros de Ronda chairman
Opening of the current headquarters of R.C.N.E.

On Tuesday, August 6, 1968 was inaugurated the current headquarters of the Club. The splendid facilities were blessed by the Nuestra Señora del Carmen Church parish priest, Don José María Sepúlveda. The event, chaired by the President Founder, Don Antonio Borges Velez-Bracho, attended by, among others, the following personalities: D. Juan Antonio Samaranch, national delegate of Physical Education and Sports, Minister Don José Solís, Don Ramón Castilla Perez, Málaga Civil Governor, Mayor of the city, Don Ángel Farinós Zurbano, Director General of Tourism Activities, Sr. Herrera y Esteban and Sr. de la Rosa, President of the Andalusian Federation of Savings Banks, which funded the work.

Brief history compiled by Don Antonio Simón Sánchez - 2009

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